Host Community Agreement Procedure

Marijuana Host Agreement Process*

Once you have decided to site a marijuana manufacturing facility, cultivation or retail operation in Brookfield follow the process below:


Schedule an appointment to meet with the Board of Selectmen. Contact the Town Secretary at or call for an appointment 508-867-2930 ext. 10

Bring to this meeting four copies of the following documents:

Proposal for facility.

The proposal should include:

                  1.  Type of facility sought: medical distribution, recreational manufacturing, recreational retail,

                       cultivation, or combination of any of above

                  2.  The proposal should include a combination of any of the above if necessary.

                  3.  Number of license(s) sought for each type of facility. (each activity will need either

                      a separate host agreement or a combination host agreement depending on the

                      Select Board’s preference)

                 4.  List of all partners, silent or otherwise, including self

Contact information for all parties involved

                  5.  Identification of proposed location –

Attach a copy of the Assessor’s field card - This can be found on the town website here,

Copy of the assessor’s map - This can be found on the town website here,

Proof of ownership or in the alternative, a written agreement acknowledging and allowing proposed use from the owner of record

Please state in your document the zone of the proposed property. Brookfield’s zoning maps can be accessed here and at

*Note: All Marijuana facilities of any form need a Special Permit from the Planning Board as of 10/24/23


                    6.  Demographics of property

Square feet devoted to each activity including;





                             manufacturing, etc.

                       7.  Proposed security measures for the facility or facilities in accordance with

                            935 CMR 500.00 or 935 CMR 501 depending on the nature of the project.  

                     STEP 2

                     Once the Selectmen have voted to accept your proposal you will need to provide:

                     Filled out CORI paperwork.

                     A check for $7,500 must be submitted to cover the Town’s expenses; if Town Counsel

                     fees are less, the balance will be returned to EEA and SEP participants within 60 days

                     of successful completion.

                    STEP 3

   A community outreach meeting must be held by the party requesting the host agreement

   following the Cannabis Control Commission Regulations. 

   935 CMR 500.101 (9) a community outreach meeting consistent with the

   Commission's Guidance for License Applicants on Community Outreach within

   the six months prior to the application.

  STEP 4

                    All projects are subject to site plan review by the Planning Board per current Zoning By-Law.  

                    All projects are subject to zoning regulations is effect at the time.

                   Please note that if anything in your original proposal changes you must seek another

                   meeting with Select Board.

* procedure can be changed at any time without notice.