Brookfield Board of Health Advisory: Alert on Canine Respiratory Illness

dog at vet

Brookfield Board of Health Advisory: Alert on Canine Respiratory Illness

Public Health Notice

The Brookfield Board of Health wishes to inform the community of a recent outbreak of a respiratory illness affecting dogs, now reported in Massachusetts, including areas near Brookfield. This illness, initially identified in Oregon, has been noted in several other states and is characterized by symptoms resembling those of canine influenza and kennel cough.

Overview of the Illness:

  • Symptoms to Watch For: The affected dogs exhibit signs including coughing, sneezing, nasal or eye discharge, labored breathing, lethargy, and in some cases, a rapid progression to pneumonia. While most dogs recover, the quick onset of severe symptoms in a few cases warrants attention and care.
  • Uncertain Cause: The exact cause of this illness is currently unknown. Veterinary researchers are investigating various pathogens, including new bacteria and viruses, as potential causes. Initial studies have indicated the presence of a unique bacterial-like organism in some affected dogs.

Recommendations for Dog Owners:

  • Preventive Measures: We advise dog owners to exercise caution, especially in areas with high dog populations such as dog parks and boarding facilities. Avoid sharing dog bowls and toys with other dogs, and ensure your dogs are up-to-date with their vaccinations.
  • Seeking Veterinary Care: If your dog shows any symptoms of respiratory distress, we recommend immediate consultation with a veterinarian. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial.

Community Impact and Safety Measures:

  • The Brookfield Board of Health is closely monitoring the situation and is in contact with veterinary health experts. 
  • We urge the community to stay informed and take proactive steps to protect their pets. While there is no need for panic, being aware and vigilant is key to ensuring the health and safety of our canine companions.

For more information or if you have concerns about your dog's health, please contact your veterinarian. We are committed to keeping our community and its pets safe and healthy.