System Info


Brookfield's drinking water comes entirely from four gravel wells located off Quaboag St. In our treatment plant, potassium hyddroxide is added to nuetralize the pH and make the water less corrosive, this helps prevent lead and copper contamination from household plumbing. Chlorine is added and used as a disinfectant in the distribution system, it prevents harmful organizims from developing in the water. The treatment plant, pumps, flow rates, and chemical residual levels are monitored 24/7. Alarms/ interlocks/ plant shut down and notifications are in place to prevent any chemical overdose. The treatment plant, monitoring equipment and water quality are checked in person everyday, by a license operator, weekend and holidays also. We have a responsible licensed water operator on-call, within one hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to respond to emergencies.

The water department has its own stand by power supply, it can and does operate without interuption during periods of extended power outages.

The distribution system is comprized of roughly 9 miles of water mains, 485 service connections, 84 fire hydrants and a 500,000 water storage tank.

Water quality sampling is performed regularly at the source and in the distribution system, analized by a certified laboratory, and reviewed by MassDEP.