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About the Board of Health:

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The Board of Health is comprised of three elected citizens from the Town of Brookfield.  Terms are for three years.

The Board of Health is required by state and local laws and regulations to perform many critical duties related to the protection of public health.  It implements and oversees policies and regulations as mandated by both the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Department of Environmental Protection.

These duties cover a wide range of public health control and prevention activities, including disease prevention and control; the promotion of sanitary conditions in housing, recreational facilities, and food establishments; elimination of nuisances; the protection of the environment; and numerous other responsibilities.

As part of its responsibility the Board of Health issues permits, licenses, and conducts inspections. These are issued/conducted for the following:

  • Retail Food Establishments, Mobile Food & Ice Cream, and other Food Service Establishments
  • Septic Systems, Septic Haulers, Septic Installers, and Solid Waste Haulers
  • Children’s Recreational Camps, Cabins, Trailers, and Parks.
  • Private Drinking Water Wells
  • Burial Permits and Funeral Directors
  • Stable Permits
  • Body Massage, Body Tanning
  • Tobacco Sales
  • Emergency Beaver Permits 

The Board of Health also oversees the town’s transfer station. 

For more information on the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Health please visit the Massachusetts Association of Health Boards at

If you have a complaint, request, question, or any other health concerns, you may contact the Board directly through either phone or email. We want to help, and we want to hear from you!

To Contact the Board of Health please call 1-508-867-2930 extension 22 or email us:

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Leicester Regional Public Health Coalition (LRPHC)




Leicester Regional Public Health Coalition (LRPHC)

In July 2021, the town of Brookfield joined the Leicester Regional Public Health Coalition (LRPHC).  The LRPHC is a grant funded program by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The goal of the coalition is to provide comprehensive essential services to address public health needs in participating towns and to fill in any gaps that may exist when providing public health services to residents. Currently the coalition serves the Towns of Leicester, Barre, Brookfield, Hardwick, Holden, New Braintree, North Brookfield, and Oakham.  The LRPHC assists the Town of Brookfield with many duties normally carried out by paid agents, at no cost to the town.  

For more information on the coalition please visit: Leicester Regional Public Health Coalition | Leicester MA


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