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Brookfield Community Media BCMtv

BCMtv Bulletin Board - Channel 192
Government Channel - Channel 194

Click here to view any upcoming
committee meetings.

To contact the committee,
email Local Access,
or call and leave a message with the
Selectmen's Office at 508-867-2930, ext. 10.

To put announcements on Channel 192, Brookfield's CableTV Bulletin Board,
send a message to
the Bulletin Board email.

Committee Members:
Chair: James Sniffen (2017)
Kevin Erkkila (2015)
Roseanne Carrier (2015)
Sharon Mahoney (2016)
Sarah Heller (2016)
Danielle Lamoureux Kane (2017)

The Public Access and Communications Committee has responsibility for running the Local Access Cable TV station. Members are appointed by the Selectmen.

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