By-Law Committee

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To contact the Committee, email Michael Seery, Town Clerk, or call him at 508-867-2930, ext. 12.

Committee Members
(All terms end 2015)
Michael P. Seery
Barbara Wilson
Linda Lincoln
J. David Holdcraft
Jennifer Grybowski

The By-Law Committee is charged with:

Conducting a thorough review of all current general by-laws to ensure that they have been adopted by Town Meeting, submitted to the Attorney General, approved by the Attorney General, published according to the requirements of Massachusetts General Laws and the directives of the Office of the Attorney General. The Committee shall draw on all necessary public records of the Town Clerk and the Office of the Attorney General to confirm the validity and completeness of the basic by-law document.

Confirming the validity of any individual by-law before proposing any revisions for repeal in the relevant by-law for action by voters at Special or Annual Town Meetings.

Proposing edits and changes to improve clarity in by-laws and review all requests from others for by-law changes. This review shall include but not be limited to the following:
• An analysis of the pros and cons of the requested change;
• A report concerning how employees, committees, boards, and commissions would be affected by the change;
• A determination of the financial impact, if any, on the Town;
• Confirmation of the legality of the proposed change (with advice of Town Counsel if approved by the Board of Selectmen, or Attorney General should this be necessary to make that determination), and
• Assembling of any and all other pertinent information that will allow the voters to make a conscientious decision regarding the proposed change.

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