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2013  (top)
        Town Election Info 4-30-2013

2012  (top)
        May 7 2012 Town Election Info

        Brookfield Sample Town Election Ballot-2012

        5-7-12 Town Election Results

2011  (top)
        State Ethics Regulations Pg1

        State Ethics Regulations Pg2

        State Ethics Regulations Pg3

        State Ethics Regulations Pg4

        State Ethics Regulations Pg5

        State Ethics Commission Information

        Introduction To The Conflict Of Interest Law

        Disclosure Of Financial Interest

        Disclosure Of Financial Interest By Municipal Employee

        Disclosure Of Appearance Of Conflict Of Interest

2010  (top)
        Street Listing 2010

        Resident Listing 2010

        New Open Meeting Laws For 2010 Pg3

        New Open Meeting Laws For 2010 Pg2

        New Open Meeting Laws For 2010 Pg1

        Alcohol Sales Laws Pg2

        Alcohol Sales Laws Pg1

2009  (top)
        E-mail Retention Laws Pg2

        E-mail Retention Laws Pg1

1984  (top)
        Presidential Election - November 6, 1984

        State Primary - September 18, 1984